What is C-Cex?

"BTC, Ethereum, NXT, NXT assets, Omnicore, Omnicore properties friendly exchange. Our exchange is very fast and easy to use. We have very effective and responsive support team. It is possible to get fast support by tickets or in chat.

Security: 2FA (e-mail, sms, google authenticator), e-mail confirmations, SSL, DDoS protection, anti-theft protection, hot/cold storage.

Fast deposits / trades / withdraws: You do not have to wait hours to see Your deposits. They shown in realtime and credited instantly after needed confirmations. BTC needs only 2 confirmations!

Merchant service: C-CEX merchant service let's You to sell Your goods and services for any Bitcoin RPC compatible coin we have. https://c-cex.com/?id=merch

Referral program:Earn 5% from our BTC earning for all referrals trades fee 3 levels deep.

Trade between any coin pair:Choose from 100+ coins to trade for BTC/USD and between it.Transfer funds instant directly between accounts without commission"

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5 years old (January 16, 2014)

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