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9 months ago
Overall it was pretty simple to make a paper wallet on It surprised me how easy it really was (and cool that you make your own QR code!) The 4 star rating is because you really should make your QR code off-line (and they do suggest this,) but it’s written extremely small at the bottom of the page, when I think it should be more like a big, red, warning at the top of the page.
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9 months ago
I recently used to create a few Bitcoin paper wallets 📝 👛 for Christmas! 🎄 This was the first time I tried to create a paper wallet, so I didn’t really know what I was in for. But I’m happy to report that all-in-all, it was pretty easy! 👍 All you need to do is move your mouse around a bit to create some random entropy, and then print your newly created wallet onto a piece of paper. Deposit the funds and you’re good to go! Note: if you’re going to create a wallet to hold a substantial amount of BTC, they recommend that you run the website on your local computer 🖥 rather than using the web version, just to be extra sure that no prying eyes will see your newly generated private key. 🔒 Happy Holidays! 🤩
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