Jon Cursi

Founder & CEO
Jon taught himself how to code on nights and weekends after discovering Bitcoin in 2014. Prior to Cheddur, Jon founded Cryptuitive, a real-time cryptocurrency market analysis service for day traders. He also founded Rethink Development Group, Inc., a software consulting firm specializing in modern app development. Jon holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Rutgers University.

Jozsef Csepe

Content & Community Manager
Coffee roaster by day, crypto enthusiast by night. I first learned about Bitcoin in 2011 when I was researching cryptography on the Internet, but didn't start learning about—and using—cryptocurrencies until 2017. Soon after Cheddur launched, I met Jon and joined the team because I want to help everyone to participate in the crypto revolution and I enjoy learning about new cryptocurrency projects!


Crypto Economist & Smart Contract Developer
We're looking for someone who eats JavaScript and smart contracts for breakfast. You'll need to excel at crypto economics, Ethereum / EOS development, Node.js, GraphQL, and MongoDB. Sound like you? Contact us!