Jon Cursi

Founder & CEO
Jon taught himself how to code on nights and weekends after discovering Bitcoin in 2014. Prior to Cheddur, Jon founded Cryptuitive, a real-time cryptocurrency market analysis service for day traders. He also founded Rethink Development Group, Inc., a software consulting firm specializing in modern app development. Jon holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Rutgers University.

Jozsef Csepe

Content & Community Manager
Coffee roaster by day, crypto enthusiast by night. I first learned about Bitcoin in 2011 when I was researching cryptography on the Internet, but didn't start learning about—and using—cryptocurrencies until 2017. Soon after Cheddur launched, I met Jon and joined the team because I want to help everyone to participate in the crypto revolution and I enjoy learning about new cryptocurrency projects!

Christos Salaforis

Sales & Marketing Manager
Christos specializes in sales and marketing, and has an award-winning history in sales. He came across Bitcoin in 2009, but didn't truly understand where it was headed until he started researching cryptocurrencies in 2016. Researching soon led to investing and, ultimately, becoming so engrossed in the industry that he started his own crypto podcast, YouTube channel, and Twitter feed in order to help bolster the adoption of this world-changing technology.


Crypto Economist & Smart Contract Developer
We're looking for someone who eats JavaScript and smart contracts for breakfast. You'll need to excel at crypto economics, Ethereum / EOS development, Node.js, GraphQL, and MongoDB. Sound like you? Contact us!