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Eugene Lopin reviewed Tokes (TKS).
Tokes has the most innovative web & mobile apps with a modern user friendly UX from all cannabis coins to get user adoption. Also top partnerships with cannabis tech platforms (including TheraCann ERP/Seed to Sale and CHEX wholesale marketplace), banking, services and also working on dispensery ATM kiosk integration.
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ricky reviewed Enjin Wallet.
Not bad not really visually appealing but works well reliable wallet
Villads Foster Lanstorp reviewed Electroneum (ETN).
Electroneum is the crypto that is so Easy to get, that my brother have some
Michelle Doyle reviewed Brainpowercoin (BPOW).
Love this idea. This has real potential to get the masses who don't understand the technical aspects of cryptocurrency to get involved in mining for it. Plus I can see how it would have more real value than coins that can be mined by just the phone alone.
Warren Daly reviewed Brainpowercoin (BPOW).
Excellent concept, the first Cryptocurrency that can can not be mined by computers or phones alone. Mined by real brainpower in a fun and engaging way. This will attract all non- technical minded people and will be easily adopted by the masses and as brainpower is a scarce commodity it will give this coin real value over other computer mined coins.
Crypto Ying Yang added a TurtleCoin (TRTL) address.
TRTLv3nNje8U4TYjYQexnmDd8jYxXkc8qb3r3msmWj4NMZV6SG4jivmJE9mA45gJ exS2eAzbXyW84e8pH4voBWAv9STcuUB7Zdm
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