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Jarred Hunsicker reviewed HitBTC.
Never again. First and last time using it today!! Bought an alt coin not available on many exchanges today, had no choice but to use HitBTC. Well when I sent coins to MyEtherWallet, this exchanges fee for this particular coin was 2400 coins. Now I expect a fee of coins, that's a given. Usually anywhere from $2-$10 I can deal with, and the 10 dollar range is even rare. Now, here at .$023 a coin, 2400 coins, my fee to send MY coins to MEW was $55!! On an $800 dollar transaction, now that's messed up, this is the kind of crap that needs to stop. That's robbery!! Don't support this exchange.
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Josef Dunne added a Waves (WAVES) address.
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Jason reviewed Ledger Nano S.
The Ledger Nano S is likely among the most secure ways to store your Crytos. This hardware wallet has allowed me to store all my ERC20 Tokens and LTC, BTC. It does take awhile to get used to it, but once you understand the functions, it’s super easy. Must have for the serious crypto investor!
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Wesley Alexander reviewed Ripple (XRP).
Ripple is not a decentralized cryptocurrency. It was pre-mined and there is a board of directors that dictate when and by how much its creators get wealthy. A corporate backed distraction from the true revolution.
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Marco Bast reviewed GreenCoin (GRE).
Unbelieable what is happening in the charts with the greencoin after a sleeping period. This is because what i have heard the founder was involved in a heavy car accident and the coin was also injured because of that accident from the founder i don,t know if he survived ! i hope so but he coudn.t do his job anymore so thats why the coin was sleeping But now the coin is growing and exploding in the market and is now already a few weeks the nr 1 Top Gainer on coincap Unbelievable so check what is happening with the GREENCOIN !!! What is very strange is the chart and rate from the greencoin on coinexchange and how low the coin is there in their chart it is 5 Sat and on all the other chats the Greencoin is above 100-150 Sat. They tell customers a story that Coinexchange can,t do anything about the rate from the coin and that the buyers and seller are making the rates from the coin .. very stange story fro CE but there isnt a working wallet from the greencoin so thats the only problem from the Greencoin and that make it difficult to get them off from the exchange... Somebody have any idea how you can store otherwise ?? So keep in touch eith the Greencoin....
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Eddie reviewed MoneyToken (IMT).
I really like the concept of keeping crypto and borrowing.
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