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Will T Glynn reviewed Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
Top 10 coin that has less transactions than Doge coin. Lol bcash
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ian thomas reviewed Golem Network Token (GNT).
Golem supercomputer went live in April. It works. I hope some of you initial investors stuck it out cause i feel like big things are coming.
Luc Zep added a Groestlcoin (GRS) address.
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James added a Dragonglass (DGS) address.
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Kevin Rathbun added a Dragonglass (DGS) address.
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Kevin Rathbun reviewed Dragonglass (DGS).
I've been chatting with this team since before the ICO launch. They're responsive, genuine, and dedicated. It's a small community right now, but a good one. Their gamified mobile mining game is smooth. Very well designed and equally well illustrated. They've got a well-thought out gaming ecosystem in the works, complete with token lock-in to help trim supply and drive prices up over time. Plus they recently announced a small pivot to a blockchain game development platform using their currency, so there's a lot of good value in store in the coming months. If you want a crypto project you can actually engage in, where the team members are actually accessible, responsive, and transparent, dragonglass is worth a look.
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