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linda dooley reviewed Dascoin (DASC).
Dascoin is an incredible project. My background is 20 years in IT and HR/Communications in the banking so Dascoin just 'Rang a bell' for me!! Dascoin is all about giving people the opportunity to take back control of their finances in the cryptocurrency space with a a system that is regulated and authenticated.
cryptocasca reviewed Pirl (PIRL).
In the world of #crypto investing, you need to look for gems that exhibit real tech, dedicated developers, an engaged community, and an achievable roadmap. #Pirl $PIRL has all of these qualities with the benefits of a very low market cap leading to potentially explosive ROI, #masternodes with #passiveincome, and prospects for increased market exposure via #exchange additions as it is only traded on #Cryptopia currently. Not having some of your #bitcoin in PIRL is a mistake.
Paweł Lipowczan reviewed Dascoin (DASC).
I'm really excited about this project. The idea of the dascoin ecosystem is brilliant. It solves many of the problems that occurred in other cryptocurrencies. It is still very young but when they will deliver what they promissed it will shake the world.
Stephen Darker reviewed Dascoin (DASC).
Dascoin one to watch, Really fast transaction speed (6sec), Das33 being launched 30th June 2018 along wIth 5 companies out of the the ones that was on stage at the o2 ares in London for the launch of Dascoin on the public exchanges
Youssef Ncir reviewed Dascoin (DASC).
Excellent system of payment, fast transactions and best Mobile App in the future.
Mark Mc Nern reviewed Dascoin (DASC).
Since I joined Netleaders and bought my first licence in Dascoin my life is getting better everyday and with the release of daspay on the 30th of June 2018. The World will realise that this is the coin that will take us into the future and be the first mainstream adopted digital currency. I Love It 🙏
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